Tuft Team

Tuft Team

Tuft’s premier search consultants, drawn from top leadership positions in associations, health care and nonprofits, offer rare insider experience and an extensive network of professional and personal contacts. Our team’s first-rate credentials include JD, PhD, MA, MPA, CAE, FASAE, FAAN and RN. We are active as board members of international, national, state and local organizations.

The Tuft team handles every search with hands-on knowledge of the unique needs and strategic direction of each client. We’re regarded by our clients as valued partners, peers and colleagues, not outsiders. Experienced, informed and dedicated, the Tuft team maintains long-term relationships with client organizations because we build durable relationships and guarantee meaningful results.

“Right at the start I give a new client my phone numbers. You can always find me. This is important because a search can be a sensitive and difficult time for a client. We’re here to be your lifeline.” —Kathy Henrichs

A major factor of Tuft’s success in executive search is the overall depth of experience of our team—our knowledge and expertise across sectors and industries. Many of our associates have worked in associations, foundations and societies, and in health care and other major fields. They have an intimate understanding and knowledge of these areas, along with connections to many significant colleagues and contacts. We are fully equipped and wholly focused on making the “right fit” for you and your organization.