Search Process Q&A

Search Process Q&A

How can an executive search firm help me with my job search?

It’s important to understand what we do as an executive search firm: We do not find jobs for individuals. We are hired by employers across the nonprofit and academic sectors to find the most suitable candidates to fill executive and senior-level positions. As executive recruiters we certainly want to know about good candidates to expand our own network and database from which we identify the right fit for a current or future search.

What can I do to introduce myself to Tuft & Associates as a potential candidate for future searches?

First, you should review our open searches to see if you meet the position’s qualifications and requirements and believe you can be a fit. If so, please send us your resume and a cover letter. We will review your materials for the specific position to determine if you can advance in the process. If not, we’ll keep your material in our database. Certainly, you can also refer other colleagues who might be suitable for any open searches.

We also often hear about talented executives who are gainfully employed and don’t need—or want—to put themselves on the market or prefer not to be contacted directly by an employer. We can be both proactive and sensitive to these executives to present a new opportunity they may not have thought to consider.

I’m currently employed. If I’m considered as a candidate for an executive search, can you guarantee confidentiality?

We take every precaution to safeguard the privacy of our candidates. And we do ask all parties to maintain strict confidentiality about organizations and applicants. However, if and/or when your candidacy should move forward and additional people are involved in the process, and as hard as we try, we are unable to guarantee confidentiality.

What support do you provide to candidates during an executive search?

If we determine that you are a candidate who matches what an employer is seeking, we’ll do an in-depth interview with you so we can present to our client a comprehensive candidate profile, along with your resume. If you are selected for an interview with the employer, we will meet with you beforehand to provide information about the position, reporting relationships, organizational culture and so on.

We will communicate with you about the progress of the search and your status. If you move on in the search, we may be asked to check a complete set of your references. Finally, we can be involved in compensation discussions and developing onboarding plans with you and your new employer. You can learn more about our relationship with candidates by reading testimonials from some of the top professionals we’ve worked with who now fill positions in a wide range of organizations.