Experts. Insiders. Partners.

Transition and turnover at the top or in other key positions can be unexpected. Even when executive changes are planned, leadership and staff have little time to spare, given day-to-day responsibilities and challenges.

Executive search experts identify the right solutions that meet strategic goals, match your workplace culture and continue to advance the organization to a successful future.

Tuft & Associates holds a solid reputation as a valued executive search partner to major organizations throughout the nonprofit and academic sectors. We maintain long-term relationships with clients because we examine, understand and respect employer priorities and preferences.

A boutique executive search firm, Tuft works in partnership with each client to:

  • Examine and understand your strategic direction and cultural climate
  • Identify superior candidates, drawing on an extensive referral network
  • Engage in comprehensive marketplace research to uncover top talent
  • Develop a targeted marketing strategy for maximum national outreach
  • Customize services to match each organization’s specific needs
  • Provide ongoing communication about the status of the executive search
  • Conduct extensive and professional evaluation of references
  • Ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of services
  • Guarantee our results and commitment to ethical practice