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Foundations & Fundraising

Increasing charitable donations, managing endowments and overseeing grantmaking are among the challenges that require foundation and nonprofit leaders with deep and proven skillsets.

Tuft & Associates assists philanthropic organizations with cost-effective search expertise, including access to a nationwide network of mission-focused leaders with the management and fundraising skills to achieve your strategic goals.

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Janet Hieshetter

Building Lasting Patient Support

Janet Hieshetter
Executive Director, Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, since 2004

About the DMRF: Dystonia is a movement disorder that causes muscles to contract and spasm involuntarily. Dystonia can be generalized, affecting all major muscle groups, and resulting in twisting, repetitive movements and abnormal postures or focal, affecting a specific part of the body such as legs, arms, hands, neck, face, mouth, eyelids, and vocal cords. It affects over 300,000 men, woman and children in North America. The DMRF funds medical research, provides support resources to dystonia patients, and raises public awareness about this debilitating disorder that affects hundreds of thousands of families in North America alone. Learn more at

Role & Results: My key responsibilities are to work with the Board and staff to achieve the annual priorities approved by the Board of Directors and to plan future programs that will get the DMRF closer to achieving its mission. We have developed a multi-layered approach to our research program that has resulted in significant contributions to the field. We also have developed key collaborations with other patient advocate groups that are lasting and meaningful, addressing issues in legislation and education in the dystonia community.

My Search & Working with Tuft: I learned of this position through a communication from Tuft & Associates. The position seemed very interesting and challenging. The team at Tuft provided me with an overview of the organization, including some of the recent challenges it had experienced. They were responsive to my questions and gave me a thorough overview of what to expect in the interview process. I felt well-prepared for the interview process. They also provided me with immediate feedback on how they thought the initial interview went, which was very helpful to me as I continued through the search process.

The benefits of working with Tuft to the candidate are numerous. Having a recruiting professional contact you regarding an open position means you’ve already been “matched” to what the position requires, what the organization is looking for in a candidate, the salary and benefits–these things are already aligned. Then you get the opportunity to be counseled on your interviewing techniques and what to expect in the process. It helps to reduce much of the uncertainty.

For an organization like the DMRF, working with Tuft is huge. Having professionals create the materials needed for the search, and do the promotion and the initial screening saves us valuable time so we’re not meeting with unqualified persons. Additionally, it was incredibly helpful to have the benefit of counsel from Tuft in considering candidates and managing their transition, once a hiring decision is made.

What’s Next? I am looking forward to Board development and expansion, and to extending our reach further into the dystonia community.