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Health Care Associations & Societies

An ever-changing health care environment demands that your organization be at the leading edge of a dynamic marketplace to serve your members. We understand these challenges and the caliber of leaders and professionals who can keep your association or society at the forefront.

We manage an impressive portfolio of health care-related searches for associations and societies, as well as universities and academic health centers. Our national network connects us to recognized and emerging practitioners, specialists, scholars and researchers who are equally skilled as strategic, results-focused business leaders.

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Sampling of Senior Staff Placements:

  • Clinical Quality & Safety
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  • Government Affairs
  • Healthcare International
  • Individual Giving

Request for Proposal

Lisa J. Thiemann, PhD, CRNA

Re-envisioning Work Flow to Enhance Customer Service

Lisa J. Thiemann, PhD, CRNA
Chief Credentialing Officer, National Board of Certification & Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists, since 2012

About NBCRNA: The mission of the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) is to promote patient safety through credentialing programs that support lifelong learning. Learn more at

Role & Results: Since joining the NBCRNA, my key responsibilities have been focused on process improvement of daily activities associated with the certification and recertification programs; improvement of the electronic user interface for all applications used by students, graduates, faculty, certificants, and staff; new subspecialty certification program development; and program implementation for our revised recertification program.

During my time at NBCRNA I have been able to substantively improve work flow processes internal to the organization and enhance customer service to our certificants and other external stakeholders, such as state boards of nursing. Through collaborative efforts with staff, I was able to encourage individuals to re-envision their daily work flow and subsequently construct a system that has resulted in approximately a 30% reduction of staff work effort across all activities. Changes made to the infrastructure supporting the NCBRNA daily activities have resulted in enhanced customer service, and faster notification regarding an individual’s certification/recertification status to employers and state boards of nursing. NBCRNA’s goal to streamline daily processing was achieved, and the NBCRNA can now redirect staff resources to other activities in support of our continued growth.

Why NBCRNA? My interests and focus on competency assessment have always underpinned my prior employment positions in association management, education and clinical practice, and my past work in quality improvement and performance measure development. The position with the NBCRNA seemed like a natural fit. After contacting Tuft & Associates, they were able to describe the position in detail and readily respond to all of my questions in a timely manner.

Working with Tuft: From the first connection with Tuft, I was impressed by their willingness to support both the wishes of their client as well as the potential candidate. The timeline for completion of the search process was well-articulated early on, and next steps that were to be expected throughout the process were always clear. When working with a search firm, communication is of the utmost importance for a candidate. In addition, a relationship between the firm and the organization must be established to ensure a true understanding of qualities and characteristics sought in a successful candidate; Tuft & Associates clearly had developed that relationship with the NBCRNA.

When seeking to fill an executive position within an organization, partnering with a firm such as Tuft & Associates helps make the process seamless. Engaging the services of an executive search firm has many benefits, including but not limited to the following:

  • Allows the candidate to seek answers to questions early on in the process to better inform him/her of the fit with the organization
  • Ensures confidentiality for the candidate, whether he/she is successful or unsuccessful
  • Saves valuable organizational leadership time by avoiding the early vetting process
  • Allows an indirect dialogue between the organization and the candidate as the process moves forward
  • Reduces the potential of introducing personal bias concerning a candidate early in the process
  • Enables organizational executives to somewhat distance themselves from communicating difficult decisions to individuals who may be known to them within the field.

What’s Next at NBCRNA: As the NBCRNA continues on into the future, I plan to develop an outcomes research agenda for the organization, expand the organization’s collaborative efforts with other like-minded organizations, and continue my work in program development and implementation.